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Victoria African and Caribbean Cultural Society/AfriCaFest
Marketplace Coordinator:
This position will also be responsible for connecting with local beer stores like Crafts interested in sponsoring a beer garden for the festival.
Vendor & Booth . This position will work hard to make sure he or she is able to accommodate the diverse range of businesses, organizations, and crafts people looking to register for a booth.
Marketing and Promotions Coordinator- This position is responsible for making sure the event is well communicated to members of the community so that they’re well aware of the event and come out to show support. With the focus of the event being to create a brand that can be remembered.
Artistic Coordinator - This position is responsible for making sure sure all the required types of acts or the festival are recruited and confirmed.
Volunteer Coordinator - This individual is responsible for recruiting volunteers for the planning team, on-boarding them as…

BLACK HISTORY MONTH-Community Recognition Awards/Nomination Form


Invitation to Nominate for the 2017 Black History Month Community Recognition Awards On behalf of the Victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society (VACCS), we invite you to propose a candidate or candidates for the 2017 Black History Month Community Recognition Awards. The invitation to nominate comprises the following parts: 1. Information about the award 2. Information about the nomination regulations 3. Nomination form Black History Month offers a special occasion for highlighting the contribution that Black communities have made by helping lay the foundations for contemporary society. The award is currently in its fourth year in Victoria, but in its first year in Vancouver. Your nominations are designed to honor distinguished residents of Victoria, Vancouver and surrounding cities. The Awards is designed to honour distinguished residents of Victoria, Vancouver and surrounding cities who are a model for our minorities or who have…


Thank you for your interest in participating in the AfriCa Fest  Festival. Applicant Information
Information for Prospective Applicants
The Africa Fest celebrates the music and culture of Africa and closely related the Caribbeans. We welcome applicants whose performances or instructional offerings fit these categories.
In order to apply to teach and or perform at the Africa Fest, you must either be a Canadian citizen or resident, or you must have a valid Canadian visa. We cannot consider your application unless you have a visa or provide evidence that a visa has been applied for. Africa Fest cannot sponsor these visas, nor provide them for guest performers and teachers. You will need a contact person, agent or organization in Canada to apply for the proper visa, and cannot apply for the visa yourself.
We are a volunteer run, non-profit organization, with a very limited budget. Our policy is that we do not pay for travel to the Canada from other countries. You would need to pay for y…