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Welcome to the African Arts and Cultural Community Contributor Society. A space where we provide you with information about Cultures and ethnics from the African continent, a place where you will find information about People of African Descent events and activities.

We are a Community Contributor Arts, Cultural and Educational Organization that provides cross-cultural social, political and economical assistance for people of African Descent as well as the African Diaspora. Our mission is   increase awareness and understanding of the richness and diversity of African Cultures, Arts, and traditions through the promotion of a broad range of cultural, educational and artistic activities, events and programs; to preserve and promote Authenticity of African Cultural Heritage; fight against racism and discrimination as well as bridging bridges between communities

Our non-profit community Contributor Organization was first formed in 2012 under the victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society by P. Mboussi an African Canadian originally from Cameroon.

From the time Ms. Mboussi immigrated to Canada in the mid 1980’s she has earned a strong reputation as a community leader and advocate of promoting and celebrating the richness and diverse cultures of Africa by organizing and engaging in cultural events and awareness raising campaigns.

This began in Quebec where Ms. Mboussi became well known for her creative and innovative approaches of promoting African culture that included activities and events that celebrated African  traditions of dance, music, literature, and the culinary arts. Ms. Mboussi's lifelong commitment as an ambassador of African cultures continued when she moved to Victoria BC when she founded VACCS in 2012.

Our goals:

  1. To create a community hub for people of African Descent

  2. To encourage people of African Descent and the public to work together

  3. Bridging Black Canadians & the African Diaspora in celebration of the UN International Decade

  4. Promoting the community’s identity and its interests,

  5. Informing members about existing resources so as to facilitate their social, cultural, political and economical integration in the Greater Victoria area, BC, and Canadian societies

  6. Organizing activities to mark significant events in the national life of African and all People of African Descent community of the Greater Victoria area.

  7. Promoting & preserving our Cultural Heritage of the African Continent

  8. Promote community development and cultural heritage

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