To develop creative and innovative programs, events and activities to celebrate and raise awareness of the diversity and rich cultural traditions of African and Caribbean culture. This mandate includes but is not limited to:

·        Organizing cultural events that celebrate, promote and preserve African and Caribbean artistic and cultural traditions of art, music, dance, literature and the culinary arts
·        Promoting activities and events that will serve to promote cross cultural understanding and active engagement with other cultural and community groups and organizations
·        Raising awareness by organizing, developing and promoting public education programs and communications strategies relating to African and Caribbean historical and contemporary issues relating to sociol economic issues, public health, environmental issues and politics.
·        Integrating the African and Caribbean community into the social, economic , political and cultural fabric of Canadian society
·        Supporting members of the African and Caribbean community to access services and programs that will help to promote business, employment and educational opportunities

La mission de Victoria African & Caribbean Society  est tout d'abord de:  promouvoir et à faciliter la compréhension des Cultures africaines et antillaises de la grande région de Victoria, Colombie Britannique et au Canada en générale.