The Victoria African and Caribbean Society (VACCS) was founded on October 19, 2012 by Pulchérie Mboussi. Pulchérie was born in Cameroon, in the beautiful continent of Africa. From the time she immigrated to Canada in the mid 1980’s, she has earned a strong reputation as a community leader and advocate of promoting and celebrating the rich and diverse culture of Africa and the Caribbean. 
Pulchérie's life-long commitment as an Ambassador of African and Caribbean culture continued when she moved to Victoria BC in 2010. This year, she needs the help and support of the community she now calls home.

To advance awareness and understanding of the richness and diversity of African and Caribbean culture and traditions through the promotion of a broad range of cultural, educational and artistic activities, events and programs

This mandate includes but is not limited to;
  • Develop creative and innovative programs. To organize events and activities celebrating and raising awareness of the diversity and rich cultural traditions of African and Caribbean culture.
  • Organizing cultural events that celebrate, promote and preserve African and Caribbean artistic and cultural traditions of art, music, dance, literature and the culinary arts
  • Promoting activities and events that will serve to promote cross cultural understanding and active engagement with other cultural and community groups and organizations
  • Raising awareness by organizing, developing and promoting public education programs and communications strategies relating to African and Caribbean historical and contemporary issues relating to socio economic issues, public health, environmental issues and politics.
  • Integrating the African and Caribbean community into the social, economic , political and cultural fabric of Canadian society
  • Supporting members of the African and Caribbean community to access services and programs that will help to promote business, employment and educational opportunities

That members of the African and Caribbean are and integral and valued part of Canada’s diverse cultural fabric – a community that can prosper and contribute to Canadian society while promoting and preserving their rich culture, history and traditions

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