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Atna Njock & BOLBO ART - Rythme traditionnel Bikutsi du Cameroun


ISSAMBA - Your unforgettable Journey Through the Depths of African-Rooted Rhythms

In celebration on the Black History Month, Mois du Patrimoine Africain, Productions Pulchérie Mboussi on Behalf of The Victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society is bringing back to BC ISSAMBA Show and workshops From February 10 to February 24, eminent African born artists will be around sharing with the love of their culture, arts, and passion throughout ISSAMBA!
ISSAMBAis an interactive musical spectacle that showcases African Roots, Rhythms & Music, featuring world-renowned African-born artists.Issambameans "come together" in Cameroon ISSAMBApromotes and brings together music from across African cultures to present a unified African groove. Immerse yourself in a mix of African instruments, traditional rhythms, and dancing styles. These artists willtravel from abroad, gracing BC with their special talents and sharing aspects of their culture with Victoria. ISSAMBA, a 90 minute show that gives you a glimpse into the rich and diverse musical culture of Africa, an in…

danse africaine EKAN IMMORTEL

Dance from Cameroon