Africa Fest is a vibrant Festival which objective is intimately aligned with the spirit of Canadian Heritage and of Canadian culture as a whole. Our purpose since our inception in 2012, has been to build the Victoria and British Columbia community through the celebration and awareness of African and Caribbean arts, culture and heritage. Africa Fest is quickly becoming one of BC’s largest cultural fairs which brings together British Colombians from all cultures and background to celebrate the tastes, smells, sights, rhythms and sounds of Africa and the Caribbean. The many activities planned aim to ensure a diverse representation of various regions of Africa and the Caribbean, encourage people to feel a sense of community pride, and showcase the artistic and culinary talents of African and Caribbean participants. Those activities include:

African Cultural Week (Annually in May)
-Symposium – 'A Glimpse into Africa' (Guest speakers present various regions of Africa and answer questions from the public);
-AfricaFest Bazaar – Provide space for local businesses, non-profit organizations, and artists to showcase their products, arts, services and cultures;
-Soccer Tournament – Soccer is an important part of the national identity of many African & Caribbean nations. Teams will represent a variety of African and Caribbean nations, thus raising awareness among the public;
-'Tease Your Taste Buds' Dinner – Experience the spirit of Africa and the Caribbean through a unique and exciting blend of spices and exotic aroma; and
-AfricaFest Closing Day wraps up the activities of the Cultural Week with a bang. The closing day events include music, dance, crafts, kids zone, food, workshops, cultural expo, and lots of fun.

Victoria African & Caribbean Cultural Society

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